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Mountain Health Resort

Wildschönau | Tyrol

Health Resort

IQcure is building a €50 million, future-oriented health resort at the site of the 850-year-old Kellerwirt hotel in Wildschönau in Tyrol. The IQCure flagship’s client aims to gently revitalise the historic building while harmoniously integrating a new building for the resort’s ground-breaking health centre. IQcure’s unique diagnostics are at the core of the project concept, offering a sustainable strategy for both investors and guests.

  • Construction start: May 2021

  • Completion: Late 2023

  • Open: Year-round

  • Target market: National and international

  • State-of-the-art preventive and regenerative medicine

  • High-yield asset or share deal investment project

IQcure Mountain Health Resort - Room
IQcure Mountain Health Resort - Restaurant
IQcure Mountain Health Resort Restaurant



Effective Area


Spa │ Fitness │ Health Centre


Historic Barn and Health Lounge





70 – 80



Dining Rooms


Health Apartments
My Private Healthness Suite


Sun Terraces

Healthy Real Estate Investment

Healing Architecture

An impressive architectural work of art in a prominent location. A centuries-old, traditional building, gently revitalised with an aesthetic that meets to the spirit of the times. State-of-the-art technology is integrated into a beautiful natural setting and networked with a sophisticated energy management system.

Development - Planung - Ausführung - Verantwortungsvolles Investment - Badezimmer
Development - Planung - Ausführung - Verantwortungsvolles Investment - Zimmer
Development - Planung - Ausführung - Verantwortungsvolles Investment Zimmer
Development │ Planning │ Execution
Responsible Investment

The Mountain Health Resort’s design and construction are entirely sustainable. From the architecture to the choice of materials – such as local pine – to 5-star-quality fixtures and furnishings.

Sustainable architecture
New technologies
High-quality sleep systems

Perfect air quality
Reduction of viruses, bacteria, allergens and particulates


Quality of Life at Every Stage of Life

Viewing people and their individual needs holistically is at the heart of IQcure’s flagship in Wildschönau. Staying healthy and fit into old age and making conscious improvements to lifestyle are the core messages of the IQcure philosophy.


Quality of Life at Every Stage of Life

Viewing people and their individual needs holistically is at the heart of IQcure’s flagship in Wildschönau. Staying healthy and fit into old age and making conscious improvements to lifestyle are the core messages of the IQcure philosophy.

Who Wants to Live Forever?
IQcure’s Revolutionary Health Concept

Staying healthily for as long as possible is the goal in today’s ageing society. How do we age healthily without bowing to the signs of the times? How do we improve quality of life in every stage of life? IQcure has several answers to these questions. Intelligent healing and strengthening body and mind for prevention adds quality of life. This is achieved with:

  • Sophisticated science-based medical diagnostics

  • A holistic approach

  • A holistic regeneration concept

  • Lifestyle-changing measures for active prevention

IQcure –
Intelligent Diagnostics

Guests at IQcure’s flagship Mountain Health Resort enjoy consultations with doctors during which every aspect of their health is recorded. A comprehensive diagnosis is based on the consultation; medical history, across-divisional scan; and IQcure medical and complementary diagnostic methods. The findings are combined, analysed and checked. Technology and methodology are continuously evaluated and developed by the IQcure health advisory board.

IQcure –
Intelligent Healing

Tailor-made regeneration and prevention programmes are derived from holistic diagnoses. IQcure’s treatments and methods follows a holistic medical approach involving conventional medicine, talk therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), naturopathy, energetic medicine, frequency medicine, recognised therapeutic methods and the latest scientific findings. Telemedicine supports sustainable regeneration, ensuring that aftercare continues after a stay at IQcure’s flagship resort.

IQcure –
Intelligent Nutrition

The focus of a stay is prevention and regeneration based on the IQcure health concept. This is based in part on an innovative nutrition programme offering a range of nutritional levels. Dietary recommendations are based on the latest scientific studies and findings in nutritional medicine, and, importantly, take allergies, intolerances and personal preferences into consideration.

IQcure –
Intelligent Exercise

A lack of exercise is one of the major causes of illness in society. This is why exercise is seen as essential in actively preventing lifestyle diseases. A sophisticated exercise concept, designed and supported by highly qualified therapists and doctors, is therefore part of the IQcure health vision. In addition to personal training sessions and exercise classes, the focus also lies on innovative methods such as boxing workouts. IQcure’s flagship in Wildschönau is also perfectly positioned for an extensive outdoor training programme.

IQcure –
Intelligent Prevention

Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and constant overloading of the human organism lead to lifestyle diseases that are preventable. This is why tailor-made prevention programmes are an essential part of IQcure’s concept. The objective is to implement measures that will help make lifestyle changes, leading to a happier life and a healthier body. In addition to innovative technologies and methodologies, harmony, a pristine natural environment, and a highly skilled team are the factors for success at the IQcure Mountain Health Resort in Wildschönau.

IQcure Advisory Board
Advisory Board

We Shape Your Healthy Future.

Medical Advisory Board
IQcure Advisory Board
Medical Advisory Board

We Shape Your Healthy Future.

IQcure Health Invest │ Wildschönau │ Tyrol
Intelligent Investment
  • Future-oriented
  • Stable value
    High growth potential
  • Low risk management
    Highly crisis resistant

Health Investment with High Growth Potential
IQcure Flagship

€63 million

Total Investment Volume

5% plus



Share Deal

Intelligent Experiences at IQcure’s Flagship

Year-Round Holidays in Wildschönau – Healthy and Enjoyable
A region of calm mountain lakes, the clearest spring water, and deep gorges as well as gentle Alpine pastures and magical forests. In summer, Wildschönau is a beautiful hiking region. In winter it’s one of Tyrol’s top 10 winter sports resorts. The area’s proximity to Kitzbühel, Munich, Innsbruck and Salzburg, and its infrastructure add significant benefits to the Wildschönau investment project.

Summer Activities
Summer Activities
Summer Activities
  • Hiking

  • Awarded the Austrian Hiking Seal of Approval

  • Climb up to 2,300m above sea level

  • Many and varied cycling routes

  • Very good e-bike infrastructure

  • Includes 2 stages of Bikeschaukel Tirol

  • Mountain bike school

  • 18-hole GC Westendorf – green fee reduction

  • Paragliding

  • Horse riding

  • Hunting and shooting

  • Fishing

  • 50km of cross-country ski trails – classic & skating

  • 113km of pistes & 45 lifts in Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau

  • 16km of ski routes

  • Ski touring

  • Snowshoeing

  • 40km of winter hiking trail

  • Ice skating – Drachental

  • 3 toboggan runs

Winter Activities
Winter Activities
Winter Activities
Investor Relations – Health & Wealth Strategies

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