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Health is Today’s Megatrend

‘In recent years, the megatrend of health has become embedded within our social consciousness and is now considered synonymous with good quality of life. It shapes how we live today and defines people’s entire lifestyles. Demand is growing at an ever-increasing rate!

Many investors would like their future real estate allocation to include health, and are explicitly looking for an addition to their portfolio. Others wish to rule out operator risks, and are delighted to have found in IQcure an innovative investment solution in the health sector.’

Heinz Schletterer
CEO Schletterer Consult GmbH


What is a Megatrend?

Megatrends are major transformations in our behaviours: comprehensive, long-term changes that affect all aspects of society, from technologies to fundamental economic principles. A megatrend has a half-life period of at least 50 years.

What We Do

IQcure stands for high-quality property investment in the hotel and health sectors. Decisions about project implementation and scope are based on feasibility studies and in-depth industry knowledge. Niche development and implementation have been amongst our core competencies for over 40 years. We attach great importance to the creation of economic and ecological sustainability.

Our full service benefits owners, institutions, private investors and family firms who enjoy exciting returns and risk diversification thanks to scaling. If necessary, we will operate health properties ourselves or advise on the ideal operator for a turnkey-ready, holistic health concept. To maximise return, individual value creation measures are tailored to each property’s unique selling points.

Holistic Integral Medicine
The IQcure Health Concept
The IQcure Health Concept

The IQcure health concept was developed over many years with leading experts in a wide variety of specialist areas. Renowned preventive medicine practitioners, specialist consultants, exercise specialists and nutritionists have contributed current scientific findings that form the basis for holistic and integral medicine and a wide range of diagnostics and therapies.

The IQcure Health Concept
The IQcure Health Concept
The IQcure Health Concept


Rather than investing in the ‘sickness system’, IQcure invests in health and quality of life. We are at the cutting edge of prevention in terms of innovation, medical know-how and biological expertise. Taking a holistic approach in primary and secondary medicine meets the zeitgeist and has proven to be a success.

Nutritional and micronutrient medicine, exercise and sports medicine, as well as stress-management are further pillars of health promotion and health literacy. Well-considered architecture focused on the fundamentals contributes significantly to wellbeing, as does time spent in nature. In addition to healing architecture, IQcure focuses on sustainability because creating a healthy environment is a central, future-oriented task. We develop our and our clients’ potential with passion and humanity.

Holistic Medicine

  • Scientific, evidence-based preventive medicine

  • Proven and sound complementary medicine

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic procedures

  • Advanced medical technology with digital systems solutions

  • Innovative methods and regulating therapies

  • Sustainable lifestyle changes

  • High-performance computing and big data technologies

Forward-looking integral medicine and innovative technologies enable the creation of personalised and holistic preventive and treatment concepts.

and Exercise
  • Diet and exercise are the perfect combination

  • They promise tangible success and lasting change

  • Sophisticated exercise programmes and proactive training

  • Innovative, tasty and energising nutrition

  • Maximum individuality and goal attainment

  • Uncomplicated. Multivalued. Sustainable.

Fit for the future thanks to resilience. The game changer for long-term success.

Vision & Values

Implementation requires discovery, conversion and specification. Mindset, empathy and the quality of human resources are at IQcure’s core. The proposed IQcure Academy reflects the guiding principles of IQcure’s philosophy, which is embodied in new work styles. NETwork, MINDwork, WORKspace and CHANGEspace are linked components that play a decisive role in changing a business system. Enthusiasm, joy and commitment require scope for creativity, as well as awareness of individual responsibility and time management.

‘What matters most to us is providing the highest quality with the help of the most up-to-date technologies. Additionally, our IQcure Academy offers lifelong opportunities for continuous training, study courses and certifications, as well as attractive working-hours models and career opportunities. And our own health centres deliver a company health scheme as well as leisure and sports activities.’

‘Being able to implement our successful concept across all resorts for the benefit of our clients results in a promising perspective for long-term investments through a broad roll-out. Our IT structure enables our work to be highly efficient and economical. For investors, this represents security for sustainable and attractive returns.’
Hotel and Health Property Development

Principal Facts
at a Glance


Approx. 10,000–15,000sqm site area; approx. 17,000sqm GFA should be permissible under building law. Capacity for 75–95 guest rooms. Possible options for staff accommodation.

Macro Location

Exceptional locations in the D-A-CH area and in European holiday regions with good infrastructure. Preferably 4 or 5-star hotels or properties with development potential. Good airport connection.

Micro Location

Quiet locations in the mountains, near a lake, or by the sea. In tranquil rural areas that radiate a very special energy.


IQcure is a holistic solution for operators. Are you looking for an investment with operational scope? Are you an operator? Or interested in a new concept for operators?

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Investment Management & Property Development

The following documents are required before a professional assessment can be undertaken:

  • Full property description with photographs, elevation drawings and floor plans

  • Energy performance certificates or consumption values
  • Local plan
  • Location plan
  • Business performance indicators
  • Area calculations

Your documents will be treated in strictest confidence and carefully checked by our experts.