The IQcure Health Concept

Your Future is Healthy
Healthy Future Investment

The IQcure Health Concept

Tailor-Made Future Investment

With more and better information at their fingertips, people today desire to live and work in environments that promote good health. As well as representing a worthwhile and healthy future investment, health equates to good quality of life, helping to advance us towards our core life goals. As individuals increasingly prioritise their physical and mental integrity, prevention plays a more and more crucial role. The IQcure technological and systematic health concept is optimally adaptable to suit various target groups and locations, going far beyond conventional health and tourism concepts. An essential principle of this concept is comprehensive and sustainable prevention.

The symbiosis of future-oriented technology, digitisation, diagnostics and therapy facilitates an adaptive target group focus with tailor-made regeneration and prevention programmes – your future investment in economic and physical health.

‘Health – or, more clearly phrased, holistic and preventive health – as a megatrend has become a lifestyle. Wealth is no longer solely measured by money but also by quality of life. Luxury is no longer defined by consumer goods, rather by relationships and wellbeing.’


Your Future
is Healthy

  • KI-supported holistic diagnostics

  • State-of-the-art medical technology

  • Cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine

  • Proven and sound complementary medicine

  • Holistic regeneration concepts

  • High-performance prevention

  • Tailor-made therapies

  • Innovative mind coaching

  • Customised, phased nutritional programme

  • Exercise concept with therapeutic supervision


Revolutionary diagnostics: the heart of our concept and the core of your future investment. Methodology, diagnostics and therapies are constantly appraised and progressed by IQcure’s Health Advisory Board. A core principle of IQcure’s health resorts is the cross-resort processing and provision of data with the highest level of security. This allows guests to access details of their personal data, diagnoses and progress at any time, and from any site.

  • KI-supported data collection

  • KI-supported data correlation

  • Cross-divisional diagnostics

  • Integral diagnostic methods

  • Holistic consultation

  • Cross-departmental digital solutions


Holistic diagnostics provides the basis for equally holistic, tailor-made regeneration and prevention programmes. We look at people in their entirety, from physique to psyche. This is also the foundation of holistic therapeutic concepts.

  • A holistic medico-therapeutic approach

  • Conventional western medicine

  • Talking therapies

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Naturopathy

  • Energetic medicine

  • Frequency medicine

  • Telemedicine

  • Manual therapies

  • Mind therapies


Prevention is at the heart of the IQcure concept. One of its essential pillars is an innovative nutrition programme offering a range of nutritional levels. Since we are what we eat, what could be more rewarding than investing in a tailor-made diet for a healthy future?

  • The latest nutrition studies

  • The findings of nutritional medicine

  • Allergens and intolerances

  • Individual and cultural preferences

  • Tried and tested methodology

  • Evidence-based dietetic approaches

  • Tailor-made and sustainable

  • Digitally supervised – including at home


Move it. Human beings evolved to run. This is evident in our physiology. Insufficient movement often makes itself felt in the form of pain in the musculoskeletal system and spine. But lack of exercise is not just a physiological problem. IQcure’s combines the findings of anthropology, orthopaedics and psychology to inform and develop sophisticated and innovative movement concepts – profitable investments for body and mind!

  • Science-based methods

  • Orthopaedic analysis

  • Medical check-ups

  • Regenerative exercise therapies

  • Preventive training concepts

  • Personal training

  • Innovative programmes

  • In- and outdoor


IQcure provides guests with tailor-made and sustainable solutions in the prevention of lifestyle diseases. IQcure offers holistic solutions for body, mind, soul, ecology and economy with exercise, nutrition, holistic diagnostics, integral medicine and therapy for prevention as well as recovery.

  • Active prevention

  • Evidence based

  • Evaluated

  • Sustainable lifestyle changes

The IQcure Health Concept
Holistically Healthy
Future Investment

There is an increasing demand for health, lifestyle and sickness-prevention guidance. The health megatrend has become a global player on the market. This makes IQcure a healthy future investment on every level:

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Ecological
  • Economic
  • Regional
  • Global

‘Our preventive medicine is based on cutting-edge science.’

Professor Uwe Nixdorff, Medical Advisor

IQcure Health Resorts
Health & Wealth

Long-term benefits from a healthy wave of success.

Your healthy future investment